CIHBE II Briefing

This conference seeks to continue the objectives addressed in 2010 in t he 1st International Colloquium on War History (CIHBE I), that responded to experience of war from a multidisciplinary perspective. War studies have not been dealt in Spain with both the consistence and academic recognition that undoubtedly has in other developed countries.

CIHBE II will reflect on war images and propaganda between 1890 and 1950. Its aim is to give an account of and analyse different ways in which contemporary war phenomena have been represented and how they have been disseminated during a particular historical moment in the development of war in a civilized and dominant Europe, between 1890 and 1950.

This scientific Colloquium will study the images through which war was presented to different societies according to the interests and purposes of different political views.

It aims to examine ideas such as the notion of fair conflict, the visions of an enemy-demon created to justify the annihilation of the enemy, the Europeans image of themselves, their allies and their enemies, and the psychological war aimed at the demoralization of the enemies…

In summary, this Colloquium will discuss the complexity of image and discourse in the phenomena of war and its extensive ramifications.

The official Languages of this Colloquium will be English and Spanish to facilitate the participation of scholars from different countries and to encourage deep comparative analyses between various national war experiences and realities.


Although the organizing committee will take into account other topics directly related to the aim of the Colloquium, it is understood that all views and approaches will analyse war “image, propaganda and discourse” between 1890 and 1950.

We welcome paper proposals on any of the following themes:

  • Images of war combat, allies and enemies through war ideological posters.
  • War documentaries and films as propaganda.
  • Creation of images and discourses about war in written media.
  • War rituals, ceremonies and public celebrations.
  • Political and military war analyses.
  • The role of the church in war discourse
  • Radio and television war discourse
  • Comics
  • The functions of war photography and photography at war
  • Art as war propaganda

Conference Dates:

September 29-30, 2011

Conference Place:

University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain

Organized by:

University of Cantabria (Spain) and Aberystwyth University (Wales, UK)

Institution collaborator:

Instituto Universitario Gutiérrez Mellado, IUGM (Spain).

Conference Languages:

Spanish and English


The organizing committee will select the best pieces of research in line with the aims and objectives of the conference towards the publication of a collection of essays

Organizing committee:

Fidel Ángel Gómez Ochoa y José Manuel Goñi Pérez.

Academic Secretary: Daniel Macías Fernández

Technical Support: Federico Barrera Garaña.


Paper proposals in Spanish or English of 500 words by Tuesday 15th February, 2011 to Daniel Macías at


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